Integrate all your

Enrich your Contact Center Genesys by integrating social networks, digital messaging and video calls.

What is PureSocial?

PureSocial incorporates all digital channels through a powerful interface, specially designed for Genesys Cloud, providing agents with a 100% omnichannel vision.

Integrate social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and digital messaging (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram DM, Telegram, App chat and webchat) to expand the capabilities of your current Contact Center.

Digital Channels

Enrich all digital communication channels with the most powerful capabilities available today.

PureSocial benefits

Install PureSocial and get all the qualities of a premium application

Automatic deployment in the Genesys Cloud customer organization
Smooth and unified experience
Permission-based access to the application

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Integrate all your digital channels!

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