thousand hours of processed speech analytics


million interactions with virtual assistants


thousand contact center positions


thousand IVR and voicebot ports

Create engagement with your clients through the most comprehensive range of cloud solutions in the market

Connectivity that drives loyalty to your brand

Omnichannel Experience

Stand out by offering your client a true omnichannel, unique, and tailormade experience.

At Sixbell, we implement the solutions that best adapt to the omnichannel strategy of today’s companies. We enable voice channels, social media, webchats, digital messengers, and videocalls for your clients in a one-of-a-kind platform integrating their app ecosystem.

From setting up a truly omnichannel contact cloud center in a matter of days, to its design and implementation using design-thinking methodologies of complex orchestrated omnichannel contactability and artificial intelligence services, these are part of Sixbell’s toolbox to make the business process transformations of today’s companies happen.

Self Service & Automation

Automate interactions with your clients with a high level of resolution and contribute to the efficiency of your omnichannel strategy.

Nowadays, clients demand immediate responses through any company channel. They demand to be informed on all situations and conditions that affect the service they hired. On the other hand, companies are increasingly concerned with reducing costs through automation, but always focusing on generating unique experiences that capture new clients and make current ones loyal.

Automating collections, scheduling and confirming medical hours, verifying bank transactions and selling utility services are just some of the projects implemented by Sixbell using artificial intelligence by voice and digital, in service mode, from the cloud and with paybacks in under one year.

Employee Engagement & Productivity

Make your staff a competitive advantage to increase client loyalty.

The increase in self-service through different channels has made the interactions in which contact center agents partake increasingly complex and demanding of new skills and abilities. In addition, the “human touch” when communicating with clients has become a key factor in improving engagement.

How can we motivate and retain the best employees? How do we make them become the main brand differentiator? Sixbell helps staff engage with the brand through Workforce Management, Performance Management, Quality Management, eLearning, Knowledge Management and Gamification solutions, which reduces employee turnover, increases productivity and, above all, improves NPS and the work environment.

Fraud, Security & Compliance

Prevent fraud by increasing the security of all your channels in a highly effective and simple way.

Cybersecurity is arguably the biggest challenge for IT departments today because threats are ever evolving and present at all times. To guarantee the protection of your clients and your organization’s data, artificial intelligence must be applied with a holistic approach that analyzes multiple data and correlates them to detect threats and anomalies, analyze identity, detect fraud, etc.

What Sixbell offers makes prevention possible, increases security in customer transactions, improves customer experience in validation processes across interaction channels, and increases innovation in business processes.

Actionable Insights & Business Optimization

Generate continuous improvement stemming from the systematized analysis of what your clients say (VoC).

A company’s success lies in its ability to learn about its clients more quickly and effectively than its competition, as well as in its ability to quickly convert that learning into actions that add value and
generate a competitive advantage.

At Sixbell, we identify and propose actionables from the systematized analysis of the client’s voice using speech and text analytics tools. Immersed in a process of continuous improvement, these actions have generated important results in NPS, FCR and CSAT, in addition to cost reductions and increased productivity in sales and collections of companies in the world of retail, banking, telco and utilities.

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